Boreal Forests are also known as Taiga(Named by the Russians). They are inbetween the Tundra biome to the north and the Grassland/Dedious Forest Biomes in the south. Boreal forests are found in the Northern Hemisphere in places such as, Canada, and Siberia in Russia. They construct a ring-shaped between the tundra to the north and the temperate broad leaf forests in the south. It is the largest biome in the world!

Precipitation: Mostly snow falls, but there are times during the summer where there are heavy amounts of rain.

Sunlight: There is sunlight in the Boreal biome, but when there is trees hide its rays.

Tempatures: The temperature is a constant difference from 5 to -40°F, being the coldest. Also with temperatures of 50- 59°F being the warmest.
Climate: Boreal Forests has long, extremely cold winters. With very mild, rainy, short summers.

Animal Species: Some of the animals that live in this forest, include: Deer, Moose, Elk, Bears,Finches, Mice, Red Squirrels, Foxes, Rabbits,beavers Chick-adees and many more.Adding on, insects have a big amounts during the season, when coniditions are moderate. Most of the animals eat seends from the trees, but others such as moose and beavers eat tree bark and new shoots(grass).
A few preditors are wolves bears great horned owls and Lynxes (Boreal Forest Animals)


Organism in the Boreal Biome-Moose:fa_elk.jpg

Moose: Also Known as Cervus Elaphus in Latin. Moose are usually found nearby bodies of water,they are aggressive and usually nocturnal. The most of them are densely populated in Europe and Asia, along with in North America. About 6 feet tall and weight over 1000 pounds and their antlers can spread to over 70 inches. They are Herbivores,eat plants, grass, and trees,their preditors are the Lynx and Wolf. (Kaplan)

Plants: The most known plant to this wild life, is the coniferous trees, lichens, ferns and berries.Other plants are ther Fir,Spruce, and Hemlock trees(These trees have waxy needles that prevent water from evaporating, giving them a food source.) There aren't many kinds of plants because of the poor soil. Boreal forests are often damaged by a moth called spruce bud-worm, which can eat other plants and kill entire trees.



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